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Conjugate Heat Transfer Modeling

April 21, 2020 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT Northville, MI - US

Cost: $50 Deposit Refundable Upon Attendance

Conjugate Heat Transfer Modeling
Convergent Science - Detroit
21500 Haggerty Rd.
Northville, MI - US

For several years CONVERGE has been able to interface with other software packages to model heat transfer in solids. Now CONVERGE can do both CFD and solid heat transfer modeling in the same simulation, which can simplify the process of predicting the temperatures in solids that are dependent on fluid interfaces, e.g., heads and valves in engines. This workshop will discuss conjugate heat transfer modeling in CONVERGE, including supercycling, which accounts for the disparate timescales in the solid and fluid domains by allowing the solid side of the simulation to progress with faster timescales than the fluid side of the simulation, and valve/seat contact resistance in engines, which is critical to accurate prediction of valve and head temperatures.

*This lecture includes hands-on CONVERGE Studio practice.

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