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Spring Technical Meeting – The Combustion Institute

May 20–22, 2018 Minneapolis, MN - US
Spring Technical Meeting – The Combustion Institute
Graduate Minneapolis
615 Washington Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN - US
Contact us to arrange a meeting to learn how CONVERGE CFD can simulate your gas turbine design. You can accurately predict emissions, ignition, relight, lean blow-off, flashback, fuel effects, metal temperatures, and other performance parameters of your gas turbine designs with CONVERGE’s fully coupled detailed chemistry, fast and accurate turbulence modeling, and autonomous meshing.


Surrogate Fuel Strategy for Multi-component Diesel Spray Simulations

Mandhapati Raju and Anshul Mittal
Convergent Science


Aramco Services Company; Convergent Science
Raju, M., Mittal, A., Wang, M., Luo, Z., Le Moine, J., Yuanjiang, P., and Voice, A., “Surrogate Fuel Strategy for Multi-Component Diesel Spray Simulations,” CSSCI Spring Technical Meeting, 44DS-0088, Minneapolis, MN, May 20–22, 2018.

Purdue University; Convergent Science
Hasti, V.R., Kumar, G., Liu, S., Lucht, R.P., and Gore, J.P., “A Computational Study on Hydrogen Piloted Turbulent Methane / Air Premixed Flame with CO2 Dilution,” CSSCI Spring Technical Meeting, 44TC-0109, Minneapolis, MN, May 20–22, 2018.

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