Online Training

Volume of Fluid Modeling

April 6, 2020 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM CDT

Volume of fluid (VOF) methods are some of the most popular numerical techniques for locating moving and deforming interfaces between fluids in multiphase flow simulations. In this workshop we will discuss numerical details, example cases, and some validation calculations for the various VOF options in CONVERGE. One VOF method in CONVERGE is based on the species mass fraction equation and is appropriate for miscible or compressible multiphase flow calculations. One option in CONVERGE, which is based on the mass fraction VOF, is VOF-spray one-way coupling. In this option CONVERGE collects detailed fluid flow information near the nozzle exit during a VOF simulation and then uses this information to inject parcels for Lagrangian spray calculations. Another VOF method, which solves for the void fraction directly, is available in CONVERGE as two separate schemes: Piecewise-Linear Interface Calculation (PLIC) and High-Resolution Interface-Capturing (HRIC). These schemes have been tested on a range of problems including a breaking dam, a rising droplet, and spray injection, and each test case illustrates the ability of the method to track interfaces sharply.
*This lecture includes hands-on CONVERGE Studio practice.

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