Naming Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in our company and our software! Please adhere to the following usage standards when referring to Convergent Science or CONVERGE in any written document (for example, a technical paper, conference presentation, magazine article, or press release).

In general, refer to the company as Convergent Science. (Convergent Science, Inc. refers to the American portion of the company. Convergent Science GmbH refers to the European portion of the company. Convergent Science is the umbrella term that includes the entire company.) Convergent Science is two words, always spelled with a capital “C” and “S”.

The name of our software is CONVERGE. When referring to CONVERGE or any of the family of CONVERGE products, CONVERGE should be displayed in all capital, bold, sans serif type.

Need more information? The Media Kit (PDF) contains our logo usage guidelines, company and software profiles, and other related information.

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