High-Performance Cloud Computing

CONVERGE Horizon is a cloud computing platform that enables you to run fast, secure CFD simulations in the cloud. If you don’t have access to an on-premise cluster, or if you’re short on compute resources, we’ve got you covered! CONVERGE Horizon provides easy access to the latest hardware at a discount. Our cloud computing resources are optimized for the CONVERGE solver, ensuring an excellent performance-to-cost ratio. 

We partnered with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to create a flexible, affordable cloud platform for CONVERGE users. CONVERGE Horizon provides on-demand access to OCI’s state-of-the-art bare metal servers, which offer a high level of performance for demanding workloads in a secure cloud environment. To protect your data, OCI applies a secure virtual network layer that prevents attacks and keeps your data isolated. Additionally, OCI offers data centers in different regions around the world, so users can choose where to run jobs and store their data to ensure compliance with any jurisdictional or organizational requirements.

CONVERGE Horizon features an easy-to-use web interface where you can submit and monitor jobs. The platform also provides real-time usage and billing information, making it simple to keep track of your projects and stay within your budget. The CONVERGE Horizon web interface is compatible with mobile devices, so you can launch and monitor jobs even when you’re on the go.

Licensing Options 

On-Demand Licensing

Through CONVERGE Horizon, you’re not just getting a great deal on hardware—you can also access CONVERGE on demand! This flexible option allows you to pay for only the software you need for your workload. If you’re conducting a one-time simulation study, or if you need additional licenses to run multiple jobs in parallel, purchasing CONVERGE on demand is a cost-effective solution.

On-demand CONVERGE licenses include access to CONVERGE Studio for all your pre- and post-processing needs. In addition, take advantage of our free live and on-demand training to get up to speed with CONVERGE, and make use of our available support options if you need personalized assistance setting up your case. 

Bring-Your-Own License: Self-Hosted

If your organization has a conventional CONVERGE license hosted on an on-premise license server, you can check out licenses from that server to run jobs on CONVERGE Horizon. Purchasing a conventional CONVERGE license will be the most economical option if your workload requires you to run many CFD simulations. When you use this option on CONVERGE Horizon, an additional WAN fee may apply. If you are interested in purchasing a CONVERGE license, please contact us through this form.

Bring-Your-Own License: Horizon-Hosted

If you have a substantial CFD workload but no on-premise hardware, you can purchase a conventional CONVERGE license that we will host for you on CONVERGE Horizon. As with a self-hosted license, this option will save you money compared to on-demand licensing if you are running many simulations. Hosting your license on CONVERGE Horizon eliminates the hassle of setting up and maintaining your own cluster, so you can take full advantage of the cloud computing experience. Note that an additional WAN fee may apply.

Hardware Options

CONVERGE Horizon offers both AMD and Intel bare metal (BM) node types, listed in the table below. The AMD option is ideal for small- to medium-sized cases with high memory requirements. If you’re looking to run a large job on multiple nodes, the Intel option enables you to take advantage of CONVERGE’s excellent scaling to achieve a quicker turnaround on your results.

Type Processor Cores per Node Memory (GB) Network Maximum Number of Nodes per Job
BM-AMD-128 AMD EPYC 7742 128 2048 Ethernet 1
BM-INT-36 Intel Xeon 6354 36 512 InfiniBand 25

Hardware Pricing

Tier Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Commitment $0–15K $15k–50k $50k–200k $200k–500k $500k+
BM-AMD-128 (cost/node-hour) $5.00 $3.15 $2.85 $2.65 $2.50
BM-INT-36 (cost/node-hour) $2.72 $2.72 $2.25 $2.15 $2.00

On-Demand CONVERGE License Pricing

Subscription Tier Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Commitment $0–15K $15k–50k $50k–200k $200k–500k $500k+
Base license cost per
job-hour (includes one node)
$12.00 $12.00 $11.00 $10.00 $9.00
Licensing cost per job-hour for
each additional node
$2.00 $1.32 $1.21 $1.11 $1.00

Note: As of June 1, 2024, the base license prices will increase by $0.50 per job-hour across all subscription tiers.

Storage Costs

Storage Type Description Cost (per GB per month)
Standard Storage Standard file storage on CONVERGE Horizon $0.0255
Scratch Storage Scratch storage attached to compute instance while job is running $0.0595

Data Transfer Costs

Transfer TypeCost
Data Egress$0.0090 per GB

Example Job Pricing: BM-AMD-128

CONVERGE Example CaseRuntime (hrs)BronzeSilverGoldPlatinumDiamond

Note: Example job prices represent only the hardware and licensing costs and do not include storage or data transfer fees.

Save Time With In Situ Post-Processing

In a traditional cloud CFD workflow, when your simulation is complete you must download your data to local storage or access your data on the cloud server to begin post-processing. CONVERGE offers a time-saving alternative: in situ post-processing via ParaView Catalyst. With this approach, ParaView accesses the CONVERGE data at a user-specified interval and performs the post-processing directly on the cloud processors while the simulation is running. At the end of the simulation, you can download just the subset of fully-processed files you need—a much smaller amount of data than in a traditional workflow. In addition to saving time, this method allows you to entirely automate your post-processing procedure.

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