Convergent Science offers introductory and advanced CONVERGE training in the United States (Madison and Detroit) and Europe (Linz) several times per year. These free, engaging, hands-on sessions are taught by knowledgeable Applications and Development team members. The sessions cover a wide range of material from surface preparation to spray and turbulence modeling to setting up user-defined functions. Many of these courses include time for hands-on practice in CONVERGE Studio.

Introductory Courses

Surface Preparation with CONVERGE Studio for IC Engines

Internal Combustion Engine Modeling in CONVERGE

Gas Turbine Modeling in CONVERGE

Personalized Case Setup Assistance

General Flow Modeling in CONVERGE

Compressor and Pump Modeling

Advanced Courses

Advanced Surface Preparation Tools in CONVERGE Studio

Advanced Topics in Internal Combustion Engine Modeling

Chemistry Tools

Conjugate Heat Transfer Modeling


Emissions Modeling

Engine Aftertreatment Modeling

Fluid-Structure Interaction Modeling

Gas Turbine Engine Combustion

Heat Transfer Mapping

Non-Premixed Combustion Modeling

Numerical Methods

Optimization and Model Interrogation

Post-Processing Tools in CONVERGE Studio

Premixed Combustion Modeling

Scripts for Simulation Analysis and File Management

Sealing in CONVERGE

Spray Modeling

Steady-State Modeling in CONVERGE

Turbulence Modeling

User-Defined Functions

Volume of Fluid Modeling


We encourage you to visit the events calendar and sign up for training.

Sometimes, though, customized training just makes sense. Maybe you don’t see the topic you’re looking for. Maybe you’d like CONVERGE training to be held at your facility. Maybe you want personalized training that uses your proprietary geometry and case setup information. In any case, please let us know what you need!

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