Ease of Use

CONVERGE can solve complex problems, but using it is not complex

CONVERGE includes CONVERGE Studio, a user-friendly graphical user interface that has been designed to expedite and simplify pre- and post-processing. You can import a CAD geometry into CONVERGE Studio and run the diagnostics tool to find problems with the geometry, which you can then use the powerful geometry tools to fix. Next you can set up your case, with CONVERGE Studio offering helpful reminders and identifying potential issues throughout. During the simulation, you can easily monitor key variables. After your simulation is complete, you can create plots and convert binary CONVERGE output into a format readable by your preferred 3D visualization software.


Just getting started? We’ll hold your hand

CONVERGE Studio also contains example cases that consist of a geometry and the accompanying input parameters. You can run these cases (and read the corresponding Quick Setup Guides) to familiarize yourself with CONVERGE and with the setup for a particular type of case. Our Quick Setup Guides explain the nuances of various cases, cover the important parts of setting up the case, and provide analysis of the simulation results. We include examples such as an engine sector with multi-component fuel, a conjugate heat transfer analysis between a solid pipe and the fluid flowing within it, and many more. If you have a similar case, you can simply edit one of the example cases rather than start a new case from scratch.

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