High-Performance Computing

A balancing act

We hug the cusp of innovative technologies while maintaining the reliability and stability of our CONVERGE CFD software.

Computer hardware continues to evolve at a rapid pace, leading to faster cores, smaller parts, and a huge boost in the availability of computational resources. In addition, solutions for software to effectively take advantage of these ever-increasing hardware options continue to quickly evolve.

Leveraging the cutting edge

Convergent Science collaborates with several national laboratories to continually improve our software and take advantage of the latest advances in hardware. For example, we have a long-running collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory that continues to yield a wide variety of improvements to our CONVERGE CFD software. We work with industry partners to ensure that CONVERGE scales efficiently.

The CFD industry is moving toward a many-core architecture in software, and simulations are moving from a handful of cores to hundreds of thousands of cores. For clients who do not have the architecture to maintain and run a cluster themselves, we actively test and partner with cloud service providers.

Increased capability, increased capacity

The gift of increased availability of computational resources allows you to capture more complex phenomena. In this context, the overall scalability of the CFD software becomes critical.

Parallelization is most useful for simulations with large cell counts. CONVERGE’s detailed chemistry solver scales almost perfectly in parallel, and it parallelizes separately from the flow solver, which is more efficient.

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