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If you are publishing work that includes CONVERGE results in conference proceedings, journal articles, book chapters, etc., please cite CONVERGE as follows:

Richards, K.J., Senecal, P.K., and Pomraning, E., CONVERGE 3.0*, Convergent Science, Madison, WI (2024).

*Please note that you should cite the version of CONVERGE used in your work.

Academic Licenses

If you are publishing CONVERGE results obtained via a free academic CONVERGE license, please cite CONVERGE as shown above and include the following statement in your acknowledgments:

Convergent Science provided CONVERGE licenses and technical support for this work.


  • For papers that were presented at a conference and subsequently published in a journal, both citations have been included.
  • Convergent Science was previously Convergent Thinking, LLC. Some of the older papers may refer to the original name.
  • Prior to developing CONVERGE, Convergent Science used KIVA. Some of the older papers may include results generated from KIVA. Convergent Science now exclusively uses CONVERGE.
  • The development name of CONVERGE was MoSES. This name is used in some of the older papers.