Fully Coupled Chemistry

Fully coupled for best results

converge-best-resultsCONVERGE’s detailed chemical kinetics solver is a robust tool for modeling detailed chemistry in a variety of systems. The detailed chemistry solver is included in CONVERGE for all users at no extra cost, and it is fully coupled with the flow solver. This unique feature is pivotal to achieving accurate, efficient results.

Let’s speed it up

We know that your computational resources are valuable, and CONVERGE employs a variety of acceleration strategies to make its detailed chemistry solver as efficient as possible. Setting up these acceleration strategies is a straightforward process, and you can combine different strategies.

Not only chemistry—automated meshing too!

In addition to fully coupled chemistry, CONVERGE contains automated meshing with Adaptive Mesh Refinement for on-the-fly refinement when and where it’s needed. Our powerful meshing tools create an accurate and efficient mesh, which yields grid convergent results in a timely manner. This meshing approach is critical for making appropriate use of the detailed chemistry calculations.


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