CONVERGE Explore Program

Learn a New Skill

CONVERGE Explore is a professional development program that helps established and aspiring engineers expand their simulation skill sets. Created by Convergent Science, CONVERGE is a leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software suite designed to simulate fluid flows in complex systems. CONVERGE is set apart from other CFD packages by its fully autonomous meshing. CONVERGE automatically generates a high-quality computational mesh at runtime and refines the mesh throughout the simulation, significantly simplifying the case setup process and maximizing simulation accuracy and efficiency. The CONVERGE Explore Program provides free software licenses and a variety of resources to help participants learn how to run meaningful CFD simulations in CONVERGE. 

Launch Your Engineering Career

CFD is an integral part of the technology development process in a wide range of industries: automotive, aerospace, marine, energy, biomedical, and many others. CFD allows engineers to virtually test design variations and acquire performance data before building a physical prototype, reducing the costs associated with the design process. Because they can save their companies time and money, skilled CFD engineers are in high demand.

The CONVERGE Explore Program offers a unique opportunity to expand your CFD abilities and become proficient with a popular simulation software package. Employers look for candidates who have experience with CONVERGE—participating in this program gives you a competitive edge in the job market and can help you kick-start your engineering career.

CONVERGE Explore Program pathway

Who Is This Program For?

If you’re interested in learning how to use a new CFD software, the CONVERGE Explore Program is for you! This program is designed to get you up and running with CONVERGE, whether you have experience with other CFD codes or this is your first foray into the field. 

As a learning tool, CONVERGE Explore licenses cannot be used for proprietary or commercial purposes and are limited to running on 8 cores with a maximum cell count of 500,000. If you’re looking to conduct proprietary/commercial work, or you’re interested in running large multi-node simulations, you may be better suited by a different CONVERGE license (see the table below). Contact [email protected] to learn more about our licensing options!

Comparison of CONVERGE license types

ParameterExplore LicenseFull License
(Academic or Commercial)
Horizon On-Demand License
Maximum core count8UnlimitedUnlimited – Pay as you go
Maximum node count1UnlimitedUnlimited – Pay as you go
Maximum cell count500,000UnlimitedUnlimited

Hardware Requirements

To run CONVERGE, you’ll need a personal computer with a Windows or Linux operating system. We recommend a minimum of 2 GB of RAM, although your simulation will run more efficiently if you have a larger amount of RAM. Additionally, we recommend a discrete graphics card for a smooth user experience in CONVERGE Studio, the graphical user interface for CONVERGE. If you have any questions about specific hardware requirements, please email [email protected].


After registering for the program, CONVERGE Explore participants receive access to a variety of helpful learning materials, available on the Convergent Science Hub:

  • Getting Started With CONVERGE Explore guide: Detailed information on how to download and install CONVERGE and CONVERGE Studio, the graphical user interface for CONVERGE
  • CONVERGE CFD Basics guides: Step-by-step instructions on how to set up and run simple simulations
  • Example cases: Pre-loaded cases in CONVERGE Studio for a variety of applications
  • Example case guides: Information about the case setup and results for select example cases
  • User manuals: Comprehensive guides to the models and features in the CONVERGE solver and CONVERGE Studio


To start your CONVERGE journey, we recommend participating in CONVERGE training. Our introductory course, Introduction to CONVERGE, and many application-specific courses are offered regularly online and in person—check our training calendar for upcoming courses. In addition, a wide selection of on-demand training videos are available 24/7 on the Convergent Science Hub. All of our training offerings are free of charge!


If you need personalized assistance with a simulation, post your questions on the CFD Online CONVERGE forum. Be sure to mention that you’re a CONVERGE Explore participant, include a description of the problem you’re experiencing, and attach all relevant input files. Our support engineers actively monitor the forum and will help you resolve any issues you encounter.