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We’re not just your software vendor—we’re your partner. From training to user conferences to one-on-one assistance, we’re proud to offer unparalleled customer service.


As a CONVERGE user, you have complete access to the years of CFD experience on our Development and Applications teams. Have a question or request? Our efficacious CFD engineers are just a phone call (or email) away!


We’ve formed partnerships and collaborations with industry-leading companies and elite national labs and academic institutions across the globe. These affiliations help us to ensure that we’re able to meet your needs with innovative surface preparation tools, state-of-the-art physical models, and optimized solvers.


Convergent Science offers free introductory and advanced training in the United States and Europe several times per year. Our knowledgeable trainers are members of the Applications or Development teams, so they have the technical expertise and hands-on experience with CONVERGE to ensure that training is as informative and valuable as possible.


Sometimes you just want to talk to other CONVERGE users, and Convergent Science is dedicated to facilitating peer-to-peer discussion. Through the CONVERGE forum at CFD Online, you can exchange ideas with and learn from other CONVERGE users. Members of the Convergent Science Applications team monitor the forum and provide expert guidance.


The CONVERGE User Conferences—held annually in the US and Europe—bring together CONVERGE users from around the world for a week of technical presentations, training sessions, and networking events. Each conference includes keynote speeches from preeminent CFD engineers and presentations by your peers in industry, national labs, and academia. The technical talks at each CONVERGE User Conference cover a host of topics. Past topics have ranged from urea deposit modeling to engine knock prediction to blood damage modeling.

The CONVERGE User Conferences also include evening receptions and networking events, such as a casino night, trivia contest, or castle tour. In addition to being fun, these gatherings offer the chance for networking in a more relaxed environment.

The CONVERGE User Conferences have no registration fees. That’s right: all events—presentations, training, and networking—are offered free of charge. Please visit our UC website to learn more about upcoming conferences, submit an abstract, or sign up to attend a conference!

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