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Advanced Topics in Internal Combustion Engine Modeling – Part 1

October 16–17, 2023 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM CEST Linz, Austria - AT
Advanced Topics in Internal Combustion Engine Modeling – Part 1
Convergent Science - Europe
Hauptstraße 10
Linz, Austria - AT

In this workshop we will discuss timely and popular topics in internal combustion (IC) engine modeling and some of the unique features in CONVERGE that support accurate and efficient engine simulations. We will discuss how to leverage CONVERGE’s Adaptive Mesh Refinement and its coupled flow and detailed chemistry solvers to capture autoignition and propagating pressure waves to simulate engine knock. Furthermore, we will address how CONVERGE’s cell-based load balancing, excellent scalability, and variety of acceleration strategies lend themselves to running both multi-cycle simulations to understand cycle-to-cycle variation and multi-cylinder simulations to analyze cylinder-to-cylinder variation. Finally, we will discuss how to predict cylinder pressure with CONVERGE and talk about what to do if your predicted cylinder quantities do not match the measured data, including how to assess the accuracy of your input parameters.
*This lecture includes hands-on CONVERGE Studio practice.

Introduction to CONVERGE (or equivalent introductory CONVERGE training course)

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