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CONVERGE for Electric Motors

November 20, 2024 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM CET

This course offers a hands-on introduction to modeling flows in electric motors with CONVERGE. Participants will work through the setup of an oil-cooled motor simulation, starting with geometry creation, geometry import, boundary flagging, case setup, numerical models and parameters, case execution on HPC, and analyzing the flow and temperature field results. We will additionally discuss air-cooled and external-water-jacket-cooled devices as well as rotational jet impingement cooling. We will demonstrate different methods for treating the rotational motion of the motor, including the moving geometry approach, the simplified fixed geometry approach, and the multiple reference frame approach. Furthermore, we will explore options for coupling the heat source and/or thermal solution with external electromagnetic software packages. 

*This session includes hands-on CONVERGE Studio practice.

Introduction to CONVERGE (or equivalent introductory CONVERGE training course)

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