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Engine Aftertreatment Modeling

September 25, 2019 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM IST Baner, Pune, Maharashtra - IN
Engine Aftertreatment Modeling
Convergent Science India, LLP
Office #701, Supreme Headquarters, Mumbai-Bangalore Highway
Baner, Pune, Maharashtra - IN

This workshop will focus on Urea/SCR engine aftertreatment modeling in CONVERGE. We will discuss urea decomposition and hydrolysis to ammonia, and we will describe how to set up urea-water spray modeling in CONVERGE. In addition, we will discuss Kuhnke and Bai-Gosman wall interaction models, various phenomena that can lead to urea deposit formation (e.g., filming, rebounding, stripping, and separating), and the application of conjugate heat transfer modeling to obtain accurate wall temperatures. We will discuss SCR surface chemistry, which can be solved directly with CONVERGE or via coupling with GT-SUITE. This workshop will include sample cases for practical Urea/SCR systems as well as validation cases. Finally, we will discuss solution acceleration approaches, which allow CONVERGE to simulate timescales necessary for film and deposit evaluation.
*This lecture includes hands-on CONVERGE Studio practice.

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