Modeling Multi-Phase Flows in Positive-Displacement Compressors

July 30, 2024 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM CDT

Presented by:

David H. Rowinski, Principal Engineer
Convergent Science

This webinar will focus on using CONVERGE CFD software to model liquid-flooded positive-displacement compressors. We will discuss how to model an oil-injected screw compressor and an oil-injected rotary vane compressor and present validation for both cases. We will highlight some of the new multi-phase models in CONVERGE 4 used in these simulations, including front capturing methods for compressible volume of fluid models, Lagrangian spray models for atomizing liquid injection, the drift flux model for the separation of multi-phase mixtures due to external forces, and multi-phase gap flow models. Furthermore, we will show how to use CONVERGE’s Adaptive Mesh Refinement to implement a grid control strategy to concentrate cells along the multi-phase interfaces where they can greatly improve the solution accuracy. Finally, this webinar will include a live demonstration on setting up an oil-injected screw compressor simulation in CONVERGE.

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