Speed Up CONVERGE with On-Demand Usage: Rescale’s ScaleX Platform

May 17, 2018 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM CDT


Shawn Givler, Sr Principal Engineer, Applications & Support
Convergent Science

Bernardo Mendez, Solutions Engineer


Rescale’s on-demand ScaleX Platform brings flexibility and computational power to your CONVERGE simulations and enables you to seamlessly access new hardware architecture as it becomes available. In this webinar we will examine a series of CONVERGE port fuel injection simulations that were run on Intel’s SkyLake Processors (rather than previous generations). In this webinar we will examine a detailed spark-ignited, port fuel-injected engine case that includes valve motion, induction, exhaust, combustion, and more. CONVERGE’s numerous physical modeling options and Adaptive Mesh Refinement technology allow you to tailor your simulations to the desired degree of accuracy, and Rescale’s vast variety of the latest architecture technology gives you the high-performance computing options you need to harness the full power of CONVERGE.