Madison, Wisconsin—September 29, 2023—Convergent Science and SAE International Torino Section are jointly hosting the first Hydrogen for Sustainable Mobility Forum at Politecnico di Torino on October 17–18, 2023. This two-day event will focus on the potential of green hydrogen as a fuel for sustainable transportation systems.

The forum will feature technical presentations on the development of next-generation hydrogen internal combustion engines and other hydrogen technologies. Attendees will hear from representatives of various organizations, including Intelligent Energy, Ferrari, Alpine Racing, Cummins, PUNCH Torino, and Gamma Technologies.

The first day of the forum will consist of a CONVERGE Application Workshop, a free event centered on the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of hydrogen engines, fuel cells, and storage systems. Technical experts will discuss their latest hydrogen CFD research, and Convergent Science engineers will demonstrate how CONVERGE CFD software can help overcome the challenges of hydrogen simulations.

“Green hydrogen has the potential to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the transportation sector, and CFD is an invaluable tool for engineers to investigate and design innovative hydrogen technology,” says Rainer Rothbauer, general manager of Convergent Science GmbH, the company’s European branch. “CONVERGE in particular is capable of capturing the complex hydrogen physics—such as high-speed gas jets, fuel-air mixing, combustion, and shock waves—necessary to accurately predict and optimize the performance of hydrogen devices.”

The 1st International Workshop “H24ICE: Hydrogen as a Fuel for Internal Combustion Engines” will take place on the second day of the Hydrogen for Sustainability Forum. Organized by SAE International Torino Section, the workshop will open with a keynote address from Kelly Senecal, co-founder of Convergent Science. Following the keynote speech, a series of business-focused talks and technical presentations will provide a variety of perspectives on hydrogen engines for different market segments, including racing and high-performance, heavy-duty, and off-road applications.

Federico Millo, professor at Politecnico di Torino and organizer of the Hydrogen for Sustainable Mobility Forum, says, “We are going to address the challenges and opportunities of hydrogen as a fuel for internal combustion engines with a 360° view, from high-performance engines with Ferrari and Alpine Racing, to heavy-duty applications with Cummins and FPT Industrial, to the development of novel injection and combustion technologies, with an incredible lineup of international speakers. Moreover, attendees will have the unique opportunity to join a technical tour of PUNCH Tornino’s test facilities, currently the only ones in Italy capable of performing experimental investigations on hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines.”

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Published September 29, 2023