Madison, Wisconsin—September 21, 2022—Convergent Science has launched CONVERGE Horizon, a new cloud computing service with an emphasis on flexibility and affordability. The goal of CONVERGE Horizon is to provide easy access to computational resources for users of CONVERGE CFD software who are resource-limited or who do not have on-premise hardware. This new service offers a scalable, on-demand solution for running high-fidelity CFD simulations in the cloud. 

Convergent Science partnered with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to provide discounted access to their bare metal servers through CONVERGE Horizon. These state-of-the-art servers use third-generation AMD EPYCTM processors in a configuration that has been optimized for the CONVERGE solver. OCI’s infrastructure employs isolated network virtualization to ensure the security of customer data. Users of CONVERGE Horizon will receive fast turnaround and optimal cost performance in a secure cloud environment.

“We are very excited to partner with Convergent Science to bring CONVERGE Horizon to the market powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. OCI’s truly differentiated HPC offering provides the latest hardware coupled with ultra-low latency RDMA networking. Together, we are revolutionizing traditional deployment models by allowing customers to run large-scale simulations in a highly performant and cost-effective manner,” said Karan Batta, Vice President of Product for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Users of CONVERGE Horizon will also have access to on-demand CONVERGE licenses. Purchasing software on demand is an attractive option for companies performing limited CFD studies or customers who need additional licenses for capacity computing applications (e.g., optimization or design of experiments studies). On-demand licenses offer access to the full CONVERGE package, including CONVERGE Studio, training, and support.

“We’re thrilled about this new product,” said Keith Richards, Co-Owner and Vice President of Convergent Science. “CONVERGE Horizon offers exceptional convenience and a favorable performance-to-cost ratio for our customers. Supplying affordable hardware is another way we can help our clients perform revolutionary simulations.”

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About Convergent Science

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Convergent Science is a global leader in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. Our mission is to enable our customers to perform revolutionary CFD simulations by creating accurate, versatile, user-friendly software and providing unparalleled support.

Our flagship product, CONVERGE, is an innovative CFD software that eliminates the grid generation bottleneck through autonomous meshing and features a suite of advanced physical models, fully coupled detailed chemistry, and the ability to easily accommodate moving geometries. CONVERGE is revolutionizing the CFD industry and shifting the paradigm toward predictive CFD.

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About Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a comprehensive platform of public cloud services that enables customers to build and run a wide range of applications in a scalable, secure, highly available, and high-performance environment. By revolutionizing core engineering and systems designed for cloud computing, OCI enables customers to not only solve problems they have with existing clouds, but also modernize their infrastructure.
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Published September 21, 2022