CONVERGE is a multipurpose computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code with innovative features including a fully coupled automated mesh created at runtime and Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR). CONVERGE:

  • eliminates all user meshing time.
  • automates the setup of moving boundaries
  • eliminates the deforming mesh issues typically associated with moving boundaries
  • creates perfectly orthogonal cells, resulting in improved accuracy and simplified numerics
  • maintains the true geometry, independent of the mesh resolution

Fully coupled with GT-POWER/GT-SUITE:

  • Two-Way Interactive Boundary Coupling
  • Hydromechanical Coupling
  • Exhaust Aftertreatment Coupling

CONVERGE is also fully equipped with a detailed chemistry model and a genetic optimization tool.

Logo for CONVERGE in the cloud software by Convergent Science

CONVERGE in the cloud is now available for small to midsize companies and larger companies with overflow. Experience the power of CONVERGE on a pay-per-use basis without any of the overhead costs associated with a large computational cluster.

Logo for CONVERGE Lite software by Convergent Science

GT-SUITE users can take advantage of the power of the CONVERGE workflow at no extra cost. CONVERGE Lite includes:

• Two-Way Interactive Boundary Coupling
• Hydromechanical Coupling
• Exhaust Aftertreatment Coupling

  • No User Meshing

    Screw compressor simulation showing cut planes with adaptive mesh refinement

    CONVERGE is a fundamentally different CFD code – it automatically generates the grid at runtime, so you do not need to spend any time creating a mesh.
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  • Adaptive Mesh Refinement

    Jet in crossflow engineering CFD simulation showing adaptive mesh refinement (AMR)

    AMR removes the guesswork out of meshing. The user no longer has to guess where enhanced mesh resolution should be applied.
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  • Advanced Combustion

    Engine cylinder CFD simulation showing in-cylinder spray and combustion

    Our suite of combustion models and fast detailed chemistry solver allow you to solve even the toughest combustion problems.
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  • Multiphase Flow

    CFD simulation visualization of colliding fluid jets

    Our VOF and Lagrangian spray models offer a range of simulation strategies to address multiphase flow.
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  • Turbulent Flow

    CFD mixing simulation showing turbulence

    A suite of LES and RANS turbulence models are available to capture even the most difficult flow scenarios.
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  • CHT

    CFD simulation showing conjugate heat transfer (CHT) in cylinder combustion

    Accurate boundary temperatures can be predicted through our coupled fluid/solid heat transfer analysis.
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  • Fluid Structure Interaction
    CFD Simulation

    CFD simulation of fluid structure interaction (FSI) in a ball valve application.

    Fluid Structure Interaction problems are accurate and efficient due to the automated meshing approach in CONVERGE.
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  • Parallel Computing

    HPC computer cluster typical for running CONVERGE in the cloud

    Run more cells, more geometry, and more chemistry using our fully parallelized flow solver.
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  • Easy Setup
    Iconic view of simplified workflow in CONVERGE CFD

    Automated meshing along with our graphical user interface make setting up a new case easy and efficient.
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