Red Bull Powertrains Selects CONVERGE CFD Software to Design New F1 Racing Power Unit

Madison, Wisconsin—February 21, 2023—Convergent Science is pleased to announce a new partnership with Red Bull Powertrains. The power unit manufacturer will use CONVERGE, Convergent Science’s industry-leading computational fluid dynamics software, to develop a new racing power unit that will debut in the 2026 season.

Red Bull Powertrains was created in 2021 to supply power units to Red Bull’s F1 teams. The engine under development will run on 100% sustainable fuel to meet the updated F1 regulations taking effect in 2026. 

As a new company, Red Bull Powertrains is building its power unit from the ground up. Right out of the gate, the power unit needs to be a top-performing machine capable of winning races—an ambitious goal to achieve in the next three years. Convergent Science will support Red Bull Powertrains in an analysis-led design process of the engine’s combustion system, working to optimize fuel spray and combustion chamber parameters. 

Red Bull Powertrains will apply CONVERGE’s detailed combustion models to predict the performance of various engine designs. With autonomous meshing, setting up new simulations with different geometry configurations in CONVERGE is simple and fast, allowing the engineering team to more quickly evaluate design options. The ease of use of CONVERGE has led to its adoption by not only engine makers and F1 teams around the world, but also manufacturers in a variety of industries, including electric vehicle systems, rotating machinery, and renewable energy infrastructure.

“We’re thrilled that Red Bull Powertrains has chosen CONVERGE to support the development of its next-generation racing engine,” said Kelly Senecal, co-founder and owner of Convergent Science. “We work hard to keep CONVERGE on the cutting-edge of simulation technology, and it’s exciting to see Red Bull Powertrains take advantage of our software’s advanced capabilities to design a best-in-class power unit in a few short years. We look forward to watching Oracle Red Bull Racing race in the coming seasons.”

Christian Horner, Oracle Red Bull Racing Team Principal and CEO, and CEO of Red Bull Powertrains, said, “The development of our power unit for the 2026 season is evolving day by day in our new Red Bull Powertrains factory, with a highly motivated group of engineers and mechanics. We continue to invest in people and facilities to bring competitive power units to the grid, and to achieve that target we need the best tools in every area. CONVERGE CFD undoubtedly meets that need and will help us to build a race-winning ICE. Their highly detailed combustion models enable us to visualise and simulate the inside of the cylinder during combustion, a process that will accelerate our development of a more powerful and efficient engine for the next generation of Formula 1.”

About Convergent Science

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Convergent Science is a global leader in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. Our mission is to enable our customers to perform revolutionary CFD simulations by creating accurate, versatile, user-friendly software and providing unparalleled support.

Our flagship product, CONVERGE, is an innovative CFD software that eliminates the grid generation bottleneck through autonomous meshing and features a suite of advanced physical models, fully coupled detailed chemistry, and the ability to easily accommodate moving geometries. CONVERGE is revolutionizing the CFD industry and shifting the paradigm toward predictive CFD.

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Published February 21, 2023