Published November 5, 2018

Harness the Power of CONVERGE + GT-SUITE with Unlimited Parallelization

Elizabeth Favreau

Marketing Writing Team Lead

Imagine that you are modeling an engine. Engines are complex machines, and accurately modeling an engine is not an easy undertaking. Capturing in-cylinder dynamics, intake and exhaust system characteristics, complicated boundary conditions, and much more creates a problem that often takes multiple software suites to solve.

Convergent Science has a solution: CONVERGE Lite—and we’ve just introduced a new licensing option.

CONVERGE Lite is a reduced version of CONVERGE that comes free of charge with every GT-SUITE license. Gamma Technologies, the developer of GT-SUITE, and Convergent Science combined forces to allow users of GT-SUITE to leverage the power of CONVERGE.


GT-SUITE is an industry-leading CAE system simulation tool that combines 1D physics modeling, such as fluid flow, thermal analysis, and mechanics, with 3D multi-body dynamics and 3D finite element thermal and structural analysis. GT-SUITE is a great tool for a wide variety of system simulations, including vehicles, engines, transmission, general powertrains, hydraulics, and more.

Let’s think again about modeling an engine. GT-SUITE is ideal for the primary workflow of engine design. But, what if you want to model 3D mixing in an intake engine manifold to track the cylinder-to-cylinder distribution of recirculated exhaust gas? Or simulate complex 3D flow through a throttle body to find the optimal design to maximize power? In these scenarios, 1D modeling is not sufficient on its own.

Visualization of flow through an optimized throttle body generated using data from a CONVERGE Lite + GT-SUITE coupled simulation.

In this type of situation where 3D flow analysis is critical, GT-SUITE users can invoke CONVERGE Lite to obtain detailed 3D analysis at no extra charge. CONVERGE Lite is fully integrated into GT-SUITE and is known for being user friendly. One of the biggest advantages of CONVERGE Lite is that it allows GT-SUITE users access to CONVERGE’s powerful autonomous meshing. With automatic mesh generation, fixed mesh embedding, and Adaptive Mesh Refinement, CONVERGE Lite eliminates user meshing time and allows for efficient grid refinement. In addition, CONVERGE Lite comes with automatic CFD species setup and automatic setup of fluid properties to match the properties in the GT-SUITE model. And as if that weren’t enough, recently CONVERGE Lite has been enhanced to include a license for Tecplot for CONVERGE, an advanced 3D post-processing software.


You can run CONVERGE Lite in serial for free if you have a GT-SUITE license. If you want to run CONVERGE Lite in parallel, you can purchase parallel licenses from Convergent Science. We have just introduced a new low-cost option for running CONVERGE Lite in parallel. For one flat fee, you can obtain a license from Convergent Science to run CONVERGE Lite on an unlimited number of cores. Even though CONVERGE Lite contains many features to enhance efficiency, 3D simulations can be computationally expensive. This new option is a great way to affordably speed up your integrated GT-SUITE + CONVERGE Lite simulations.

CONVERGE Lite is a robust tool, but it does not contain all of the features of the full CONVERGE solver. For example, if you want to take advantage of advanced physical models, like combustion, spray, or volume of fluid, or you want to simulate moving walls, such as pistons or poppet valves, a full CONVERGE license is required. With both a full CONVERGE license and a GT-SUITE license, you can also take advantage of CONVERGE’s detailed chemistry solver, multiphase flow modeling, and other powerful features while performing advanced CONVERGE + GT-SUITE coupled simulations.

The combined power of CONVERGE and GT-SUITE opens the door to a whole array of advanced simulations, like engine cylinder coupling, exhaust aftertreatment coupling, or fluid-structure interaction coupling, that cannot be accomplished with just one of the programs.

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