Published February 25, 2020

An Evening With the Experts: Scaling CFD With High-Performance Computing

Kelly Senecal

Owner and Vice President of Convergent Science

Listen to the full audio of the panel discussion.

As computing technology continues to advance rapidly, running simulations on hundreds and even thousands of cores is becoming standard practice in the CFD industry. Likewise, CFD software is continually evolving to keep pace with the advances in hardware. For example, CONVERGE 3.0, the latest major release of our software, is specifically designed to scale well in parallel on modern high-performance computing (HPC) systems. It’s clear that HPC is the future of CFD, so how does this shift affect those of us running simulations and how can we make the most of the increased availability of computational resources? At the 2019 CONVERGE User Conference–North America, we assembled a panel of engineers from industry and government to share their expertise.

In the panel discussion, which you can listen to above, you’ll learn about the computing resources available on the cloud and at the U.S. national laboratories and how to take advantage of them. The panelists discuss the types of novel, one-of-a-kind studies that HPC enables and how to handle post-processing data from massive cases run across many cores. Additionally, you’ll get a look at where post-processing is headed in the future to manage the ever-increasing amounts of data generated form large-scale simulations. Listen to the full panel discussion above!


Alan Klug, Vice President of Customer Development, Tecplot

Sibendu Som, Manager of the Computational Multi-Physics Section, Argonne National Laboratory

Joris Poort, CEO and Founder, Rescale

Kelly Senecal, Co-Founder and Owner, Convergent Science


Tiffany Cook, Partner & Public Relations Manager, Convergent Science

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