CONVERGE Featured in Stockcar Engineering for Revolutionizing Engine Tuning in the NASCAR World

Published March 25, 2015
Read the article in the latest issue of Stockcar Engineering.

2014: Looking Back and Moving Forward

Published February 9, 2015
2014 was a landmark year for Convergent Science, Inc. (CSI). As we continue to gain market share, CSI has expanded its team to ensure that our clients receive the same high level of support to which...

Argonne, Convergent and Cummins cooperate to discover the secrets of fuel injectors

Published December 10, 2014
Argonne, Ill. – In the swirling, churning fireball at the heart of every internal combustion engine, complexity reigns supreme. Valves and pistons lunge up and down at thousands of feet per second, p...

Pinnacle Engines Utilizes CONVERGE’s Accuracy and Detailed Chemistry to Optimize Designs

Published December 9, 2014
You can learn a lot about the inner working of an engine from physical tests — how it heats up, how it cools down, how it behaves during acceleration, and so on. Looking at the test cell data from the...

Convergent Science, Inc. Announces Partnership with IFP Energies nouvelles to Implement RANS Models in CONVERGE™ CFD Software

Published December 8, 2014
Madison, WI – Convergent Science, Inc. and IFP Energies nouvelles are pleased to announce a strategic and technology partnership to further develop CONVERGE CFD.  This partnership will look to jointl...

CSI Forms Convergent Science GmbH and Opens New Office in Austria

Published December 3, 2014
Madison, WI – As previously announced at the CONVERGE User Group Meeting 2014, Convergent Science, Inc. (CSI) has acquired the majority shares in Ignite3d Engineering GmbH and renamed the company Conv...

CONVERGE™ to Be Featured in “CONVERGE™ Conference Day” at IDAJ CAE/CFD Solution Conference 2014 in Yokohoma, Japan

Published November 13, 2014
On November 13th, 2014 in Yokohoma, Japan, IDAJ will host a “CONVERGE Conference Day” highlighting CONVERGE’s unique meshing process and its impressive placement in Japanese market. Frédéric Ravet of...

Convergent Science Sponsors Argonne VERIFI HPC-Enabled Engine Simulations Workshop and Dr. P. Kelly Senecal Presents

Published November 12, 2014
Argonne, IL (November 12, 2014) - On November 12th and 13th, VERIFI (Virtual Engine Research Institute and Fuels Initiative) will host a workshop (sponsored by Convergent Science and Cray) that focuse...

Fun with CFD: Convergent Science and Rescale Team Up to Simulate the Manning “Wobbly” Pass

Published November 10, 2014
Every Sunday, Monday and Thursday millions of Americans tune in to watch their favorite players throwing the pigskin down the field. Tensions and emotions rise and fall with each play, game, and seas...

Tiny Gaps: Using CFD To Study Rotary Screw Compressors

Published October 29, 2014
The rotary screw compressors we use today were invented by the Swedish engineer Alf Lysholm. This unique design uses a rotary type positive displacement mechanism that reduces the pulsation of flow, o...